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Posted On:02/11/2017
Nodal Officers for purpose of co-ordination with The Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority are : Primary Nodal Officer – Mr Taposh Roy, Company Secretary and Secondary Nodal Officer – Mr Rana Roy Choudhury of C B Management Services (P) Ltd
Posted On:04/02/2018
Letters dated January 30, 2018 have been sent to all shareholders whose dividend remain unclaimed till date. Please contact our Registrars at phone no (033) 40116700 for any clarifications
Posted On:09/07/2018
Notices dated 25.6.2018 have been sent by Speedpost to all shareholders holding shares in physical manner and whose income Tax PAN and bank mandate are not in our record with a request to update these information as per SEBI mandate. They are also requested to demat their shares as no physical transfer of shares will be permissible after 5th December 2018
Posted On:12/11/2018
Mr Jan Roel van der Sluis has been appointed a Director of the Company. He is the President-Flow Control of the Vesuvius Group.