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About Vesuvius India Limited
Brief History
Vesuvius India Limited is a subsidiary of Vesuvius Group Limited, U.K. and was one of the earliest to be given approval by the Central Government (Secretariat for Industrial Approvals) under the liberalised industrial policy of 1991, and the first greenfield project to come up in West Bengal in the then changing economic scenario. The equity shares of the Company are listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges.

The Company was incorporated on September 6, 1991 and commercial production started in its first factory at Kolkata from July 1, 1994.

At present the company has four factories, one each at Kolkata and Mehsana and two factories at Visakhapatnam. The Kolkata factory manufactures Continuous Casting Refractories including slide gate equipments and porous plugs, the Visakhapatnam factories manufacture monolithics, pre-cast shapes and taphole clay and the Mehsana factory manufactures crucibles for non-ferrous industry.

All four factories have expanded capacity during the past few years.

Vesuvius Group Limited, UK, is the holding company presently holding 55.56% shares of Vesuvius India Limited. The ultimate holding company is Vesuvius plc, UK whose shares are traded on London Stock Exchange.

Foreign Collaboration
The factory at Kolkata, which is highly automated, has been set up for manufacture of Continuous Casting Refractories with the latest technology imported from the foreign collaborators, Vesuvius Crucible Company, USA. By virtue of its controlling share in the Company, the Vesuvius Group is committed to impart latest technology to the Company.

Latest technology is also provided to the monolithics factories at Visakhapatnam and to the crucible manufacturing factory at Mehsana by the Vesuvius Group. The factory at Mehsana manufactures crucibles, nozzles etc with technology received from Becker & Piscantor now known as Vesuvius, Germany.

Vesuvius Crucible Company, USA, since 1916, has pioneered the application of specialty refractory ceramic materials to hold, shield and control molten metals. It has maintained its leadership through research, design and development of products which meet the demands of new technologies. Vesuvius Group has 6 Research & Development centers and 8 Development Laboratories of which the Research Centers at Pittsburg, USA and Feignes, France are fully equipped laboratory and product testing complexes.

Global Leadership
Vesuvius plc is a global leader in metal flow engineering, principally serving steel and foundry industries with customized products, services and technologies that make demanding applications possible. Vesuvius now employs about 11200 employees spread over 30 countries having 72 manufacturing establishments.

Vesuvius India is an integrated part and the Indian operation of the Vesuvius Group. All latest technology, processes and specifications etc are provided to the Indian operations.

Growth Of Business And Enhancement Of Capacity
Gathering a growth momentum since 1994, the Company installed a mixing plant at Kolkata for backward integration in the manufacturing process and expanded to manufacture slide gate plates and equipment. Assets and manufacturing rights for blast furnace caston range of products were acquired. First monolithic plant at Visakhapatnam was acquired and a second greenfield plant at Visakhapatnam was constructed. A crucible manufacturing unit at Mehsana was acquired to enter into the foundry business. The product range has expanded from refractories for steel industries only to those of other industries like aluminum, petrochemical, power, cement, copper and foundries. Technical know-how has been acquired for manufacture of Blast Furnace Casthouse Refractories and General Purpose Pumpables. All other technologies and R&D improvements are obtained on a regular basis from the Vesuvius Group. The New Product Development Centre at Visakhapatnam released significant new products to the market including advanced alumina-silicate castables for blast furnace trough lining and stack gunning. A brief of these growth activities are given below :

July 1994 Kolkata factory started commercial production
March 1998 Kolkata factory started to manufacture Slide Gate Refractories and machine parts.
February 1999 Acquired Technical information and Know-how relating to Blast Furnace Caston and SVP range of refractory products along with a remote gunning machine and other assets.
July 2000 Acquired Monolithics Plant at Visakhapatnam.
May 2002 Purchased the Tundish Lining Business along with allied assets and the Licence to manufacture the products in perpetuity.
September 2002 Commenced manufacture of Porous plugs and inner nozzles at Kolkata Plant.
March 2003 Acquired the crucibles manufacturing unit at Mehsana, Gujarat. The technology has been sourced from Vesuvius, Germany.
April 2004 New corporate office and extension of Kolkata factory.
August 2005 Land adjacent to Kolkata factory taken on lease for Kolkata factory expansion project.
November 2005 Foundation stone laid by Chief Minister of West Bengal, for the expansion project for doubling of existing capacity at Kolkata Plant.
January 2006 Doubled the capacity to manufacture crucibles at Mehsana factory.
December 2006 Doubled the capacity to manufacture monolithics at Visakhapatnam factory.
December 2007 New factory at Visakhapatnam to manufacture taphole clay and precast shapes commenced operations.
June 2008 New Product Development Centre at Visakhapatnam.
June 2010 New Mix Plant at Kolkata factory.
April 2012 Doubled capacity to manufacture shaped refractory at Kolkata factory.
June 2013 New taphole clay facility replaced old facility at Visakhapatnam factory.


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